LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Potholes are everywhere around Louisville, littered across South 10th Street, West Market Street and Frankfort Avenue, just to name a few places.

The big craters form when temperatures drop below freezing, and ice gets into cracks in the asphalt and expands. Once it thaws, the weakened pavement breaks. And the spots mother nature doesn't get, snow removal crews often do.

So one by one, customers showing up at St. Matthews Imports with stories of angst and annoyance. On Monday, it was a Louisville mother.

"She had a Land Rover and hit a pothole down on (Lexington Road), and it took a big chunk out of the wheel," said St. Matthews Imports CEO Douglas Addington.

When mechanics put away their tools, the price tag isn't going to be pretty for her.

"It's in the $500 mark," Addington said.

Metro Councilman Bill Hollander understands the frustration. He's experienced it too. But, he said there are avenues to take to get potholes patched.

"We don't have people who just roam the street and look for potholes," Hollander said.

Hollander said utility companies can ultimately be to blame for some potholes. It often happens, he said, when they tear up part of the street for water main or gas main work.

"What we used to do is just have the utility fix that one small spot, and that may last a while, but you'll find potholes in many locations where that was done," Hollander said. "What we're now saying is, no, the utility needs to fix that whole section."

In fact, the city relies on you to point out the problems. You can report potholes to Metro Call by dialing 311. You can also fill out a form on the city's website or tweet a picture of the pothole using #502Pothole.

"They will come out and fill the pot hole," Hollander said. "It may take a few days, but that's how they get filled."

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