A recent TV industry newsletter contained the welcome news that employers of all sizes are expected to significantly boost hiring in 2018 -- largely because of the tax changes that were signed into law late in December and the huge number of job vacancies being created by retiring Baby Boomers.

The usual suspects, such as Amazon, are on the list of companies expected to expand their work forces. But other companies as diverse as Home Depot, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Costco and Whole Foods -- many of them with a big presence in Kentuckiana -- are also anticipating job growth. And that growth is expected to encompass not only high-paying jobs, but lower-paying unskilled positions as well.

If this actually happens, many of the excuses for being unemployed should soon disappear. Most people who really want to work to support themselves will be able to, and that will make it much easier for taxpayers to support the remainder who are genuinely unable to work due to disability or other valid reasons.

What it comes down to is this: Most able-bodied adults who remain without a job much longer in this growing economy will be in that situation only because they're simply lazy or because they've made themselves unemployable through their own bad decisions. And if and when that happens, I wouldn't be surprised if the rest of society suddenly decides they’ve had enough of being played for suckers.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.

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