MIAMI, Fla. (WDRB) – University of Louisville interim athletic director Vince Tyra confirmed Wednesday night that the school has yet to receive notice from the NCAA of its appeal hearing on Dec. 13, despite a radio reporter earlier in the day that the appeal has been denied.

“We can’t control what comes out,” Tyra said. “There’s unfortunately a lot of misinformation out there. I think just because the time lapse from when we did the appeal to now that people are getting anxious about it, I’m anxious too, but we haven’t heard anything. We’ll get notified, and we’ll deal with it form there. But it’s unfortunate that people are out there talking and trying to speculate. I think it just gets everybody a little upset.”

On Wednesaday, Indianapolis radio host Dan Dakich said a source whom he trusts told him that, according to “someone in the room,” U of L’s appeals to overturn the vacation of the 2013 NCAA championship and reverse the order to return NCAA Tournament revenues had both been denied.

Tyra said on Wednesday that a process is in place, that the school will be notified of the appeal, and the public a day later. But as of yet, he said that the NCAA has not reached out to the university.

Tyra said he felt good about the school’s appeal after the in-person meeting with the Infractions Appeals Committee on Dec. 13 of last year, and that nothing in the time since has made him change his opinion.

“I don’t think the time lapse has changed how I feel,” he said. “We went in, had a nice presentation, were very well prepared, and I don’t think time has anything to do with it. Holidays came about. We’re going to be patient, and when the outcome comes we’ll deal with it, as well.”

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