NEW CASTLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two students were taken into custody in Henry County, Kentucky, for allegedly making threats against the high school. 

The Henry County Sheriff's department is investigating after the students were overheard Wednesday night making comments about possible violence. Law enforcement determined the comments did not fall under the definition of a "threat," but the students were taken into custody and then suspended.

Sheriff's deputies were placed outside Henry County High School on Thursday morning as a precaution, but school was in session. 

Henry County Public Schools Superintendent Terry Price  sent a letter to parents on Thursday:

"I know parents may have wanted some early notification of this situation, but I will not send out information until I get the truth," Price wrote. "I urge parents not to put rumored information on social media.  Social media and false or incomplete rumored information gets a community stirred up until the truth is known." 

There is no further word on the nature of the threat or any further punishment. A school resource officer interviewed the students at their homes Wednesday night and determined the threats were not credible.

"We did not feel that it was an imminent threat of any kind of students being in any kind of danger," Price said.

Price also said that because the threats were not credible, the district did not send out a notification that night and was not made aware of deputies taking students into custody until Thursday morning.

A parent, who did not want to give her name, said she did not send her kids to school because of the concerns.

"We were not sure that the individuals that were accused of these actions were in custody,” the woman said. “We want and need earlier notification."

Here is a copy of the letter sent home to parents:

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