LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Jeffersontown's City Attorney and Minister, Schyler Olt, tried to make amends Thursday for comments he made early Wednesday morning on Facebook.

"I was wrong, and there's no two ways around that," Schyler said. "I stepped into a discussion, and I behaved inappropriately, and I have to take ownership of that."

The conversation centered around a post from local developer, Chris Thieneman. 

"All I did was post an article from the Courier Journal," Thieneman said.

He agreed with the article's writer, who talked about the need for police to get rid of racist cops.

"It's a sensitive subject,"  Thieneman said. "It's something that needs to be talked about."

The story mentioned former Prospect Assistant Police Chief Todd Shaw, who resigned from his department after the discovery of racist social media messages.

A heated and often profanity laced exchange broke out between Thieneman and Olt online. 

At one point Olt said, "...if you paint your broad brush against the officers I work with, I'll do my damned level best to break your neck."

"I mean, he absolutely threatened me with my life," Thieneman said. "It scared my wife, and I promised her I would do something about it."

On Thursday morning, Thieneman filed a protective order against Olt, despite a public apology posted online.

"I don't buy it," Thieneman said. "It wasn't sincere."

And Olt is now left to explain himself. 

"Why I said what I said was probably protective of the police officers that I've come to know over the years," Olt said.

Olt added he'd like to mend fences and be friends with Thieneman again some day. 

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