LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – David Padgett has a big sister. So when he found out about Lilly Holt, and the story of her big sister, Bailey, his heart went out to the family.

Bailey Holt, age 15, was killed in the shooting at Marshall County High School on Tuesday. Mike Rutherford of CardChronicle.com identified her as a Louisville fan who had been featured at the top of his “News and Notes” feature on the site.

Padgett wanted to do something to reach out. He hasn't been the interim coach long, but he fully understands the importance of the position, especially when it comes to a chance to do a little good in a time of tragedy. He also has two young sons and can only imagine the parents grief. So while in Miami for Louisville's game Wednesday, he taped a short video message to Lilly Holt and her family. The video was shared by a friend on Twitter.

“We just want to express our deepest condolences for the sadness, utterly senseless and tragic events you guys have experienced this week,” Padgett says in the video. “Even in the darkest of moments, they are always followed by moments of extreme brightness. And I know, even though she’s gone, Baileys spirit and presence will always be around, even in the darkest of times.”

Padgett goes on to say, “So Lilly, please hang in there. Please know that not only is the entire men’s basketball team, but the entire University of Louisville, the entire city of Louisville and the entire state of Kentucky is keeping your entire family in our thoughts and prayers. So Lilly, as you’ve said hundreds of times before, Go Cards. Please hang in there. We’re thinking about you guys.”

In the days since the shooting, Holt's parents have spoken emotionally but gracefully about their daughter's life, and death.

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