LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) –  A Louisville man who spent more than two decades in prison is making it his mission to keep kids out of gangs and guns out of their hands.

“Our children are hurting today. Our community is hurting today,” said Tod Moore-Baker, founder of Family First USA,

Moore-Baker spent 26 and-a-half years in prison. He was released just this month on January 2, 2018.

That's why he started Family First USA. He wanted to end the cycle of violence in the community. That’s why in his first few weeks of freedom he held an event at City Church to try and keep kids and teens away from gangs, drugs and guns.

“To change the culture to make a difference in our society,” Moore-Baker said. “They are our leaders of tomorrow.”

“The age limit is getting younger and younger of crime, violence,” said Pastor Larry Coleman at City Church.

Getting to this point of doing good in the community didn’t come easy for Moore-Baker. The real turning point came when he was in a maximum security prison when he almost got the death penalty.

“My mother said, ‘get busy.’ I said, ‘mother, I committed three acts of murder, how can God use me?’ She said, ‘God's forgiven you son, get busy with the Lord.’”

And he did. He started by teaching other inmates to read and write. Now he wants young people to learn from his mistakes.

“Just because you have negative in your life, just because all the violence, all the drugs, just because ... you can rise above,” Moore-Baker said.

“Transition from where you are to where we can go in life,” Pastor Coleman added.

Instead of just being a yearly event, Moore-Baker plans to go on tour throughout Louisville every 35 to 40 days. He says the message needs to be consistent.

“I must hit the ground running because God has given me a purpose to heal my nation, my city and my community. The community which I, in 1991, brought so much shame to,” Moore-Baker said.

Family First USA also owns property at 3523 West Muhammad Ali Boulevard where the non-profit plans to build a dream center to be a safe haven and place of empowerment.

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