LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A high-profile murder trial in Louisville began Tuesday morning.

The prosecutor and the defense attorneys in Lloyd Hammond’s trial opened with strong statements outlining exactly what they believe happened. 

Hammond is accused of killing William Sawyers and Terrell Cherry in the summer of 2006.

Prosecutor Frank Dahl says Hammond was involved in a home invasion that led to the killing of Sawyers and later that day the killing of Cherry. However, Dahl says in a statement from Hammond not even a week after the murder, he pinned the crimes on Shaheed Al Uq'dah.

"All of the evidence, I'll ask you to put it all together, and I'll ask you to find Lloyd Hammond accountable for what he did. I will ask you to find him guilty," Dahl said. Dahl says Shaheed Al Uq'dah entered a plea deal and agreed to testify during the trial.

Defense attorney Rob Eggert sides with his client's statement, and puts the blame for both murders on Al Uq'dah. "The evidence is going to show you the man who did the crimes, who is accused of the crimes, who was charged with the crimes, was the man they let go -- Shaheed Al Uq'dah," Eggert said.

He says the day after the murders, police showed witness Troya Sheckles a picture pack of men.

Several people called to the stand to testify during Lloyd Hammond's murder trial. The witnesses have been taking the stand to talk about the victims.

Terrell Cherry's girlfriend at the time of the murders took the stand Tuesday. She says Cherry was apparently at Sawyers' house trying to retrieve stolen drugs when Sawyers was killed. "He said when they went in, Will was getting out of the shower and they put the girl in the closet or something, and I guess they were asking where the stuff was and that's when the fight began, and Shaheed shot him and he took off running out the window," she said.

After Sawyers was killed, Cherry's girlfriend says he received calls from both Hammond and Al Uq'dah. She says Al Uq'dah asked Cherry if he would snitch about the murder. Later that same day, Cherry was found shot to death.

Hammond's attorney says just one day after the murders, police showed William Sawyers' girlfriend Troya Sheckles, the woman apparently in the home with Sawyers during the murder, photos of possible suspects. Sheckles was supposed to testify against Hammond, but was killed in 2009.

The trial is expected to continue Tuesday.


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