A stretch of Springdale Road near the Gene Snyder Freeway is unofficially known as “Lovers Lane.” There are dozens of signs nailed to trees as if they’re love letters for everyone to read.

“I come by here, and you can’t help but smile,” Jean Terwilleger said.

Lovers Lane started when Terwilleger’s husband posted a sign that read “I Heart Jean” nearly two decades ago. Now, other couples have posted their signs of affection.

“Shelly Loves Shaneo” was a gift that meant more to Shane Ball than anything money could buy. His wife surprised him with the sign for Christmas.

"There are little hearts all around it, and the hearts had special dates: the day we met, our first day, the day we got engaged, our children’s birthdays and our wedding anniversary on there,” said Ball’s wife, Shelly Ball. “The sign means more than anything for me,” Ball said. “It's just a devotion element of my wife and I and our love.”

Eventually, 46 signs lined the road.

“I have a neighbor who's blind, and I love her to death, and she said she wanted a sign on the turn,” Terwilleger said.  “Even though she can't see it, she knows it's there, and that makes me so happy. So I made her a sign in braille.”

However, on Monday morning, most of the signs went missing. This is the second time the group of signs has been ripped down in the last year. Only 18 remain, leaving heartbreak on Lovers Lane.

“It's evil,” Terwilleger said. “It's angry. It's that someone is just not happy. It's a matter of someone not liking the love, I guess. I don't know.”

Now, despite the heartache, the couples of Lovers Lane are banning together trying to find out what happened to their lifesize valentines. 

“There's some signs up for people that have passed away or are no longer here,” Shelly Ball said. “It's just really sad someone would do something like this when there's so much bad in the world. This is just a little symbol of good and to take something like that down is just really sad.”

Terwilleger and Ball are asking for the signs to be brought back to Lovers Lane. To visit the Lovers Lane KY Facebook page, click here

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