LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Twelve years after two men were shot and killed, the murder trial continues for the man accused of pulling the trigger even as police search for the prosecution's star witness. 

Shaheed Al-Uq'dah took a plea deal in exchange for his testimony against Lloyd Hammond, but he hasn't shown up in court yet. 

Hammond is accused of killing Terrell Cherry and William Sawyers in 2006. Years of appeals have kept this case tied up, and Hammond was re-indicted or the murders in 2016.

On Wednesday prosecutors told the judge police could not find Al-Uq’dah to bring him to court to testify. 

"As we stand here right now, we have been unable to locate him and execute the court's order for his arrest.

Officials say Al-Uq’dah has a history of mental health issues, but authorities previously found him competent to take part in the court process. As police continue to search for him, previously recorded testimony was played in court.

Jurors watched video of testimony recorded in 2010 showing Al-Uq’dah describing what he heard Hammond say in the moments after Terrell Cherry was shot and killed.

"What did Lloyd do?"

"He just said, 'I got him out the way now I ain't have too much to worry about. He said 'it had to be done.' I said 'yeah.'"

"He said now that he had him out of the way, he didn’t have too much to worry about?”


Hammond’s attorney says his client is innocent and claims Al-Uq’dah committed the murders.

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