NEW ALBANY, In. (WDRB) –  Sean East wasn’t the reason the New Albany Bulldogs were on ESPNU last month .But rest assured, he was a big reason the Bulldogs won the game.

“When Romeo is not able to do what he does, Sean takes over,” said New Albany head coach Jim Shannon.

Yes, it another solid outing for the senior but it was also another night for him not in the spotlight which as you might expect went to his teammate Romeo Langford, one of the hottest undecided recruits in the nation .

“I’ve gotten used to it since freshman year. It’s just normal now,” said East.

For East though, normal is not bad.

While Langford continues to get most of the attention, East has quietly developed into quite the basketball player, averaging almost 20 points a game this year for the Bulldogs. He can definitely score but he understands that’s not his number one job.

“My role is to get Romeo the ball first. When he needs some help, score, .and then as they pack on to both of us, get other teammates the ball,” said East.

East says his selfless attitude was developed growing up with two siblings. Back then sharing wasn’t always easy but he realized early on it was the right thing to do.

“I’m just not a selfish person. I like to others to have fun,” he said with a smile.

And right now it appears he’s having a lot of it as interest grows from a number of lower level division one schools. As it turns out, playing alongside a star in the rise has its benefits.

“I don’t know how many kids get to be on ESPN, I’ve been on ESPN twice!”

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