LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two filmmakers return home to Kentuckiana to take bourbon to the big screen. "Bullitt County" is a dramatic thriller and is coming to a theater near you.

Filmed in rural bourbon country, comes an action/thriller set in 1970s Kentucky.

"It's a story about four friends who get together for a bachelor party in 1977 to kind of relive the good ol' days and kind of visit their favorite bourbon distilleries," says Josh Riedford, producer of "Bullitt County".

"Bullitt County" follows the friends' quest to find buried prohibition money. The hunt turns to survival with a lingering dark secret. 

Just like the characters in the movie, Riedford and David McCracken are long-time friends. They grew up in southern Indiana, sipping bourbon. "We thought what better way to do it than make a movie that kind of celebrates our love of bourbon and the outdoors and kind of everything about this area?" Riedford said.

Exclusive screenings are being offered across Indiana and Kentucky for one night only. 

"The movie is really the result of a lot of hard work and passion from not just the people who worked on it from LA and other places but a lot of locals," says McCracken, writer, director and lead actor of "Bullitt County". 

The filmmakers now live on separate coasts but returned to film in New Harmony, Indiana and Bullitt County. It's the first premiere under their production company, Mr. Pictures.

"By us shooting everything wide and really showing off Kentucky, people will see that it's a beautiful place to film and it's a very generous place with a lot of hard-working people that really like film and appreciate film. So, I'm hoping that they'll see our movie as an example of what goes right whenever you work with the local community," McCracken said.

The twists and turns are made for Hollywood and filmed at home for the big screen. "The whole idea is to just make you feel something, make you feel excited, scared, sad, just to have a good time at the movies," McCracken said.

The screening for "Bullitt County" is Wednesday, February 7 at Xscape Theatres Blankenbaker 14 Cinema at 7 p.m.

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