Joe’s Older Than Dirt restaurant and bar was a Louisville staple for generations.

The restaurant opened in the 1930s, and the old, creaky floors inside are proof of its age. Cres Bride owned it for more than a decade but sold it. The next owners fell on hard times and closed the doors in 2015.

The Ole Restaurant group turned it into Red Barn Kitchen, but Bride said he didn't give up on his old restaurant.

It’s “an iconic Louisville landmark,” he said. “People have told stories of getting engaged here. People who played on softball teams met here after their ball games for 20 years.”

Now Bride is partnering with Ole to bring Joe's back. Customers will see old favorites, and they'll see new faces.

“On Monday night, we'll have trivia," Bride said. "On Wednesday night, we always had a cornhole tournament that had 50, 60 or 70 people. On Thursday night, we had karaoke. On Friday and Saturdays nights, we had a DJ."

An iconic Moose was stationed in front of the restaurant for years, but the statue was sold when the restaurant closed. Bride recently tried to buy it back from its current owner, but she wouldn't budge.

“As a joke, we said 'Will you take $20,000 for the moose?'” Bride said. “And she said, 'Absolutely not. I love this moose.'”

Bride bought a replacement moose from a company in Los Angles which makes movie props.

The Red Barn Kitchen will close Saturday. Joe's Older Than Dirt will reopen on Feb. 21. 

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