LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Since October, Allison Ray has been holding on to a high school class ring she found while walking along North Hite Avenue in the Clifton Heights neighborhood in Louisville.

“I picked it up and looked at it and took it home and washed it off and started the search,” said Ray, who doesn't live far from where the ring was found. 

The New Albany High School men’s ring had “1989” and a baseball player on one side and the name “Troy” and the school’s mascot on the other. But it was three initials inscribed that helped Ray with her next move.

Ray contacted the New Albany Public Library and its Stuart Barth Wrege Indiana History Room, which located a 1989 New Albany High School yearbook.

“The initials were T.T.W., and I had a couple of choices and narrowed it down and reached out to see if it was, in fact, the same person and he was missing it,” Ray said.

The first person she contacted on Facebook said he was not missing a ring. The second person, however, was and thought Ray was pulling a prank on her. A man named Troy Wright described the ring, and it was exactly what Ray had found in October along the road.

So on Monday afternoon, Ray met up with Wright and reunited him with his ring.

“I just considered it something lost, and you would never see again,” Wright said, adding that he last saw the ring in 1997 on his dresser.

He assumed he had either lost it or it was stolen.

Wright said it’s hard to describe what it feels like to have such an important piece of his life back in his hands and that a complete stranger never stopped making sure that would happen

“It’s something you don’t really see anymore," Wright said. "I am really appreciative for it. It’s going home and probably sit by my diploma.”

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