Last week, a 7-year old boy in Miami was taken from school in handcuffs. The national news outlets were aghast! The parents just couldn't understand why this would happen to a 7-year old little boy. How could the police be so insensitive?  

I'm okay with it. The sweet little 7-year old boy was playing with his food in the cafeteria. A teacher told him repeatedly to stop. The boy jumped up and started punching the teacher in the back. They tumbled to the floor. He then pulled her hair, jerking her head back. He didn't behave any better when the policewoman came. 

To make sure he didn't strike her, she put him in handcuffs. She didn't hurt the child, but there is no rule requiring her to risk being hit.

For his parents to be outraged is laughable. This is at least the second time he's been disciplined in school for similar disruptive behavior. They take no responsibility for their poor parenting. When I was a kid, my parents wouldn't have made excuses for me or blamed someone else.  I would have been in more trouble at home than in school. 

My guess is, with the parenting this kid is getting, this is only the first of many times he will feel the cool embrace of Johnny Law's handcuffs.

Call and tell us if you think the police overreached, or the parents under-parented.

I'm Bill Lamb...  and that's my Point of View.