LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- Nearly 40 pages of court documents include allegations of threats made against the lives of former Bullitt County Chief Deputy John Cottrell, drug task force detectives and former Bullitt County Sheriff Dave Greenwell.

It all goes back to the high-profile case of former Bullitt County Special Deputy Chris Mattingly. He pleaded guilty to federal drug charges.

The investigation began in 2014, more than 2,200 miles away in California, when Mattingly was heard talking on a wiretap investigators were using to investigate a drug cartel

Investigators say a Kentucky man was stopped in California for having $420,000 in cash hidden in panels of the vehicle registered to the Mattingly family.

New court documents say a confidential informant also, "reported a delivery of thousands of pounds of marijuana to the Mattinglys' Breckinridge County farm." The documents say DEA agents in California told Cottrell and detectives that Greenwell was involved.

Greenwell's house is next to the Mattinglys' used car business.

In court documents, Cottrell says after Chris Mattingly's arrest, through communications from the jail conversations, the Mattinglys' mentioned the possibility of bribing detectives on the task force, which included Cottrell or, "just getting rid of us."

Cottrell goes on to say a detective, "informed me that a confidential informant told a state trooper that 'Leonard Mattingly' was going to have the Sheriff killed."

"The threat turned out to be credible and the Sheriff had someone posted at his home," Cottrell said.

Leonard is Chris Mattingly's father and he has not been charged with any crimes.

Greenwell's federal trial is scheduled for March. He was indicted on obstructing an investigation and aiding Chris Mattingly.

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