This might be a good time for some Darts and Laurels.

The first Laurel goes to Metro United Way. They are celebrating 100 years and this year they surpassed the One Billion Dollar mark of money raised to help many, many groups and individuals in our community. It may even be more amazing that the 2017 campaign was up an astounding 45 percent in a time when nobody is doing that.

You know, the government does a lot for people who need help, but your taxes would be much higher if it were not for organizations like Metro United Way, Red Cross, Kosair, and many more.  

These organizations are all about using private funds, given by generous individuals, to help make our community a better place to live.  Based on Metro United Way's incredible milestone, somehow a mere laurel doesn't seem like enough.

A Dart to the University of Louisville for hiring a private detective to try to dig up dirt on Tom Jurich. If he was fired for "just  cause," which not many people believe, then they should be able to show that cause in court from his time at U of L.

Why are they trying to dig up more dirt from past jobs to make a case?  Only his time at U of L is relevant.

This is beneath the dignity of the University and seems a little like bullying, doesn't it?

I'm Bill Lamb... and that's my Point of View.