SELLERSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- On a nice day, you'll find Jessica Green in Silver Creek Little League's parking lot.

During her lunch break, she tries to get a few pages in from her favorite book.

"Usually, it's kind of vacant," she said. "Just to get out of work, come read, fresh air."

On Thursday, the spot for serenity also served as the backdrop for a traumatic and bizarre experience. Green said a man pulled up, made eye contact and then exposed and touched himself.

"He was smiling while he was doing it as well," Green said. "I didn't think somebody would do something so disgusting in a public park. I just knew I had to get him on camera." 

Cell phone video shows her jumping out of the car to give him a piece of her mind. But before she could, he took off.

Sellersburg Police are now investigating. Green took her experience to Facebook to warn others, and her former teacher chimed in with a similar experience

Mary Beth Allen said she saw the same car and the same guy inside driving through the Clarksville Target parking lot Wednesday.

"He was touching himself, fully exposed," Allen said. "I couldn't believe it."

Both women now left disturbed, hoping police catch him, because they say it could happen again.

"It's not right," Green said. "He has to be in some sort of trouble."

Sellersburg Police have identified the man and have talked to him, but that's all they're saying right now.

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