LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A new report says black people in Metro Louisville are still recovering from slavery.

On Friday, The State of Black Louisville was released by the Louisville Urban League, a collection of essays from local stakeholders. It addresses how black people are doing when it comes to jobs, justice, education, health and housing.

More than a century and a half since the historic Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves, some say the wounds of slavery are still healing.

"There may be some people who feel like that African Americans have somehow overcome the challenges that we have suffered in this country," said Judge Sadiqa Reynolds, President of Louisville Urban League.

Reynolds said after months of preparing the report, she said a lot has changed, but a lot hasn't.

"There are many of us who have certainly been able to be successful, but there is still lots of significant challenges, and those are systemic challenges that still have to be addressed," Reynolds said. "So that's what I think this book is going to do."

The book is a compilation of reports by Louisvillians who have delved into some of the issues that plague black people in metro Louisville.

"You're talking about banks that have not been willing to loan, and that's not something new if you look at the judicial system and how people are being treated," Reynolds said.

Marc Murphy, a Louisville attorney and political cartoonist for the Courier Journal, has published drawings that have angered everyone from police to powerful lawmakers suggesting mistreatment of black people.

"Generally, the police and fraternal orders of police are not happy with what I have said or drawn," Murphy said. "To a certain extent, I am glad."

Murphy, who is part of the report, said the State of Black Louisville is an issue that everyone should care about.

"If you are a member of this community, it is a historical fact that you have had advantages because those advantages were taken from others," Murphy said.

Reynolds said the goal is address inequalities and pave the way for progress.

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