LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It was a day dozens of girls will never forget, and some of Louisville’s finest stepped in to make it happen.

More than 45 girls from Louisville’s Portland neighborhood were treated to a day of pampering, pizza, and tea during a party fit for a princess.

Saturday, LMPD’s First Division officers and the non-profit group Love City hosted the event at the Mackin Building Ballroom.

“I thought this was just going to be like a normal tea party, you know, they just kind of got together, ate a couple stuff that’s it, but it’s been really great so far,” 8-year-old Irena Fletcher said. “We all got to pick out our dresses and jewelry and they had someone do our make-up and nails and our hair, even.”

Dozens of volunteers helped the girls look their best and feel like princesses for the day, which was the theme.

Even Disney princesses like Belle and Elsa made an appearance as the princesses for the 2018 Kentucky Derby Festival.

“We just wanted to have an impact with them and to make them feel beautiful because they are and to show them love,” said LMPD officer Christina Beaven, who organized the tea party.

More than two dozen LMPD officers took a break from serving the streets to serve tea to the girls, some of the officers even joining the princesses on the dance floor.

“I feel like a princess! I feel pretty good!” Fletcher said.

Officers tell WDRB they are going to try to make the tea party an annual event, and to have them in different neighborhoods throughout the city.  

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