LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A man who was released from jail by mistake is back in custody after turning himself in. 

Johnny Raymer was sentenced to 12 months in jail in May of 2017 after he was convicted of four misdemeanors. He was charged of attempted murder and three wanton endangerment in the first degree. Raymer's attorney, Jeremy Aldridge, says a jury convicted Raymer of four misdemeanors in Hardin County but served his sentence at Breckinridge County jail. 

In October of 2017, Raymer was released from the Breckinridge County jail with a statement saying he had served his sentence, which had been shortened for credit for good behavior. 

In January, officials from the Hardin County Jail told Raymer he should not have been released early, and told him to report to the Hardin County Jail to serve the rest of his sentence. 

"I've been practicing for 17, 18 years, and I've never heard of a jail screwing up to this degree," Aldridge said of the mix-up. "And they screwed up. We talked about the time, and yeah, they let him out early." Raymer's family said they are just as confused as Aldridge as to how this happened.

Aldridge says his client spent the months he was out of jail making a great life for himself. 

"On January 19, he found out, he'd been out for four months," Aldridge said. "He had a job, he was helping this little kid, doing everything you would expect him to do once this thing is over."

Raymer’s attorney is asking the judge to weigh several options but ultimately, he wants the rest of Raymer's sentence to be probated. 

Raymer remains at the Hardin County Jail while waiting for the judge to make his decision. 

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