LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Parks and Recreation laid out plans Tuesday night to spruce up signs at Seneca Park.

During the meeting, part of the next leg in a big marketing campaign to update signs at the city's public parks, designers unveiled several different concepts for the park's three main entrances: Taylorsville Road near Bowman Field, Cannons Lane and by Seneca Golf Course.

"The idea was to create some kind of way ... to let people know there is a park here, welcome to the park and make it a more welcoming site," said Seve Ghose with Louisville Parks and Rec.

While many at the meeting were for the improvements, some park-goers said there are better ways to improve the park.

"You can plant more trees. We can put another two soccer goals here," said Bahram Felli, who frequents Seneca Park. "These things have been here since 1973 when I started and God knows how many years before that."

Officials said this is the concept phase of the project. Once they narrow down a design, they hope to install a sign at the Taylorsville Road entrance by April.

They hope to have the other entrances complete within four months. Most of the improvements will be paid for with a donation.

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