LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It seems that at every moment of the day this winter, we're walking among the sick.

The flu has infected workplaces, packed pharmacies and inundated local hospitals. To put things in perspective, WDRB News anchor Chris Sutter stood at the corner of Fourth Street and Muhammad Ali Boulevard for about five minutes, and three people told him they have had the flu this year.  

Dennis Adams' daughter said she has it right now.

"(She) actually wants to be in school, because she misses her friends, and there's a Valentine's Day party," Adams said. "So she's been pretty upset about that."

Dagny Adams, 7, doesn't have strain A of the virus that's knocked a lot of people down. Her dad said she has strain B. Dr. Paul Schulz, an Infectious Disease Specialist with Norton Healthcare, said the little girl is far from alone.

"We have some internal data that indicates that we're seeing B more," Schulz said.

So if you've had the flu and think you're out of the woods, think again.

"You could certainly get infected with that strain and get influenza again," Schulz said.

Schulz added that he's hopeful the flu shot many people got this year will fight strain B.

"That may be a better match with the vaccine," he said.

Doctors simply won't know until there's a little more time to study it. If you got the flu shot this year and still got sick, the shot could help you down the road. Doctors said it will be still be in your system when other strains of the flu hit in years to come. 

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