LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A new board game that's being played all over has a local tie. A sweet four-legged girl named Sophie and her very own game piece are helping students and faculty at Stopher Elementary School and around the world.

She's been here longer than the other students and never needs discipline. "She makes me feel happy," said Mason Fields, a student at Stopher Elementary.

Anyone who hangs out in Chris Musser's second-grade class knows why. "Guys, what does Sophie mean to our classroom? Everything," said Musser.

The seven-year-old therapy dog has attended Stopher Elementary since she was a pup. "I said, 'Wouldn't it be great to have a full-time classroom dog?'" Musser said.

Musser took up the idea with her principal. "She said yes and so then I quickly found a golden retriever puppy and that's how she came to be," Musser explained.

Sophie rules the halls and is easily among the most popular. "Sophie's the best dog ever. She doesn't bark as much as other dogs do," Fields said.

Now, kids all over know Sophie as well, thanks to Julie Diamond's help, whose kids go here.

"I had to get on board because I could actually name one of the board game pieces after a beloved dog here at Stopher Elementary, Sophie," Diamond said.

Sophie is a part of the board game, Dogs. "You rescue dogs that are lost, you heal dogs that are sick, you return dogs to their owners who have lost their dogs for a reward," Diamond said.

Diamond's friend in Los Angeles helped develop Dogs under his company, Gray Mass Games.

"I thought that that was the most incredible thing I've ever heard before and I love this game because it teaches kids life skills, is really what it's doing and it's helping dogs," Musser said.

The game of strategy features real canines' stories from around the world. "It helps dogs and I just love dogs. I have a dog of my own," said Maksim Middendorf, a student at Stopher Elementary.

The game pairs economics with a love of animals. "I was very happy to have another dog in my life and Sophie's really, really amazing," said student Kaitlyn Diamond.

That makes for learning that is pretty 'doggone' easy. "It's brought family communication back to the kitchen table. It's also introduced a way to play and learn by playing," Julie Diamond said.

The game is not available in stores yet. To order it online, click here. Between February 18 and 24, a portion of each sale will go to dog rescue centers.

For a limited time, Gray Mass Games will send a copy of the game for $40, covering shipping and tax costs. To obtain the offer, email gary@graymassgames.com and mention hearing about Dogs on WDRB.

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