LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Dixie Highway is undergoing a multi-million-dollar overhaul, but part of the plan has some businesses concerned.

The $35 million New Dixie Highway project will add raised medians, reducing the number of places where people can make a left turn. The street has three times the number of accidents compared with other state highways.

John Callihan, who's involved with the project, said at an open house Thursday night that adding the medians will better regulate traffic and reduce crashes.

“U-turns, which are permitted in Kentucky, would be encouraged in the Dixie Corridor to allow folks to go up to a signalized intersection, or a safe location," he said. "Make a U-turn, then come back to access those businesses."

Stanley Osborne, the General Manager of the Frontier Diner Café, said construction has already cut business by 45 percent and is worried the new medians will make it harder for customers to turn in.

"Our customer base will help us keep the doors open," Osborne said. "My concern is we've now cut staff. How far do we let it go before we start laying off 16 people?"

The project also includes new lights, sidewalks and buses. The raised medians will not be installed until next year. The road should be finished by the end of 2019.

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