The Gilt distribution center warehouse sits in a prime Bullitt County location directly off I-65, close to the airport and UPS Worldport. 

But the company is packing its designer bags and leaving. 

According to Bullitt County officials, the company needs to consolidate its facilities. It’s laying off 250 employees, but community leaders say it's no time to panic.

“Nobody should panic, because we do have an excellent track record of filling this space and providing good paying jobs,” Development Attorney Eric Farris said.

There's a plan already in place to put the building back to use.

“I really don't think it will sit empty very long,” Farris said.

County economic development officials say they're being proactive by marketing it now, although Gilt won't leave until September.

“We are actively working with the realtors who hold the leasing contract on the building,” Hillview Mayor Jim Eadens said. “We will have that filled in probably no time.”

It’s not clear what company will take over, but Eadens said there's interest, which is good news for the city. It will take a major hit when it loses the occupational taxes from Gilt.

“That's probably going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $130,000 a year,” Eadens said. “Of course, I'm very concerned for the employees, but they'll recover because there are jobs. If people are willing to work, there's no reason to be looking for work. It's out there.”

There are roughly 30 distribution center buildings in the county.

“Twelve percent of that is vacant, which is pretty normal,” Farris said.

Keen Footware is opening a facility next door and New Flyer of America is hiring, which will help the city recover and put those 250 Gilt employees back to work.

The Bulllitt County Economic Development authority is holding a job fair on March 29 at the Shepherdsville City Building from 1-6 p.m. 

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