LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Judy Hanen has been taking tickets for over 30 years at New Albany basketball games. She’s definitely seen a lot but she’s never experienced anything like the Romeo Langford phenomenon. 

“I don’t remember having an ESPN game before and that was exciting,” said Hanen.  “He was fun to watch. He’s a good kid.”

But soon that kid is about to enter the next phase of his life. On Friday, Romeo played his final game at home. It’s safe to say he will be missed by fans who never missed any of his games.  

“This is a once in a lifetime experience,” said fan Bill Boyd. “Romeo has been here for four years. It’s been a fun ride.”

As it is usually the case, the game was sold out but that didn’t stop fans without a ticket from getting in.

“I just wanted to see Romeo play his last game,” said Kevin Graves,  a fan who bought a ticket from a scalper before the game. “I paid 10 dollars.”

A bargain yes but It’s likely he would have paid more.

"He's a legend," said Graves. 

In the end, the Bulldogs got an 80-52 win over Bedford North Lawrence. No one will remember the score nor will they remember Romeo only had 25.

They will however remember the moment that came before the game: Romeo coming out onto the court and shedding a tear, a sign that yes, he’ll miss this too.

“He’s human and that shows there,” said his father Tim. “He had a lot of good emotion flowing through him. It was a good moment.

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