LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - The Speed Art Museum's "Women Artists in the Age of Impressionism" celebrates the achievements of female artists working in late nineteenth century Paris, a vibrant cultural center where they found rich opportunities despite their restricted access to a male-dominated art world.

The showcase features more than 80 paintings by 37 artists from 13 countries. This exhibition presents renowned artists such as Berthe Morisot (French), Mary Cassatt (American), and Rosa Bonheur (French) alongside lesser-known yet equally important peers including Anna Ancher (Danish), Lilla Cabot Perry (American), and Paula Modersohn-Becker (German).

During the mid-nineteenth century, Paris was the epicenter of the art world, luring artists from around the globe to its academies, museums, salons, and galleries. Scores of female artists traveled to the French capital to develop their art and further their careers. Only later in the century did French women gain such fundamental rights as receiving a secondary education (1879), opening a bank account (1881), and obtaining legal guardianship of their children (1907).

'Women Artists in the Age of Impressionism' expands our understanding of this rich art historical period and demonstrates the formative role female artists played in the major currents of European modernism, including Realism, Impressionism, and Symbolism. The forward-thinking women represented in this exhibition not only created powerful paintings but also generated a momentum that has led toward a more egalitarian art world.

Women Artists in the Age of Impressionism: Now through May 13th

Members: FREE
Adults: $18
Children/Seniors/Students/Military: $12

Members: FREE
Adults: $5
Children/Seniors/Students/Military: $5

All prices include admission to the entire museum.

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