LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A rare virus has become an outbreak in Louisville -- and now there's a new effort to stop it from spreading.

The Kentucky Department for Public Health declared an outbreak of acute Hepatitis A in November, with the majority of cases in Louisville. Since then, Louisville has seen nearly 90 cases. In a typical year, there are one to four.

Hepatitis A is most common in homeless people and elicit drug users.

The Health Department has vaccinated more than 4,300 people, and on Tuesday, Feb. 20, Hotel Louisville was offering free vaccinations for its residents.

"There's a lot of people under our roof at both of our locations that depend on us -- and something like an outbreak could be really devastating," explained Nina Moseley, chief operating officer of Wayside Christian Mission.

The best way to prevent the virus is to be vaccinated and practice good hygiene.

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