CORYDON, Ind. (WDRB) -- Andrea Emily woke up to troubling news. Her son Jessie and his classmates' safety was threatened at school.

"There was a part of me that was very reluctant to send him to school," Emily said.

The credible threat was made Tuesday on social media app Snapchat.

"There was multiple people engaged in a conversation that rose to a criminal offense," Harrison County Prosecutor Otto Schalk said. 

Students who knew about it told the school resource officer.

"Any time that you post something on social media or communicate something verbally that you plan on shooting or blowing people up, we consider that a very credible threat," Harrison County Sheriff Rod Seelye said.

The five students allegedly involved were all taken into custody Tuesday night. Officers and deputies searched their parent's homes.

"There were ... several firearms, seized," Seelye said.

None of the boys are being identified, but they will be punished. Schalk wants any other students with bad intentions to take note. 

"To any student that thinks this is a joke, rest assured, should we learn of it, you will meet the fate of the five students yesterday," Schalk said. You will be pulled out of bed in the middle of the night, your world will be turned upside down, and you're going to go to jail."

Emily's 15-year-old freshman ended up going to class. 

"I can't live in fear, and I can't teach him to live in fear," she said.

She added she trusts deputies and officers when they say "you are safe."

The Harrison County superintendent said schools saw a 10 percent dip on attendance Wednesday because of the threat.

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