By: Bill Lamb
WDRB President and General Manager

U of L Interim President Dr. Greg Postel was absolutely correct: The NCAA is simply wrong. What he didn't mention was the unfairness of their decision Tuesday against the University.

Yes, Andre McGee brought strippers and prostitutes into Minardi Hall. It was a disgusting betrayal of the athletes, the other coaches, and the fans and the school should have been punished. But is it fair that after U of L self-reported the activities, self-imposed its own punishment, and fully cooperated with the NCAA, that the NCAA would come down on them with some of the harshest penalties ever imposed? No.

Is it fair that the NCAA has known since 2010 about years of sexual assault and alleged rapes at Michigan State and yet doled out no punishment? Is it fair that the NCAA knew that North Carolina had cheated academically for almost two decades by giving athletes easy grades from cupcake classes and the punishment was nothing? 

Look, the NCAA is a flawed, inconsistent and hypocritical organization, and they got it very wrong on Tuesday with their punishment of U of L. It was unfair.

But my dad once asked me, "Who said life is fair? Who promised you it would be?" He made a good point. We can hope life will be fair, but sometimes it just isn't. This is one of those times and we just need to move on.

I'm Bill Lamb…and that’s my Point of View.

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