LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) --  Cuddle Clones, a Louisville business that makes stuff-animal replicas of customers’ pets, plans to grow its employment from 11 people to 50 in three years, according to state economic development records.

Founded in 2010 by a pair of University of Louisville MBA students, Cuddle Clones plans to invest $1.3 million to increase the number of products it offers and to expand “the community interactive area on its website to encourage further engagement from the pet-loving audience,” according to the staff of the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority.

Cuddle Clones will be eligible to collect $500,000 in public incentives from the state and Louisville Metro government if the authority approves its application as expected on Thursday and the company follows through with the investment and job growth.

The company could claim up to $50,000 a year in incentives for 10 years.

Cuddle Clones’ additional jobs would pay $50,000 per year on average, according to state records, but that figure also includes the value of employee benefits such as health insurance in addition to cash wages.

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