NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WDRB) -- The water is creeping up, inching closer and closer.

Roads all across southern Indiana are getting blocked off, because if they're not flooded now, they will be soon. 

Kent Barrow with Floyd County Emergency Management said crews are watching the Ohio River levels like a hawk. As it rises, so will smaller creeks around the area.

Before the concrete barriers went up on Blackiston Mill Road, water was already coming dangerously close.

"We've been in contact with our fire departments and water rescue teams," Barrow said. "They're all prepping and getting ready."

Barrow said it doesn't matter what county you're in: If you see a road closed sign, don't ignore it. 

"Turn around. Don't drown. That's the main key," he said. "Don't try to drive through it. Three inches of water will sweep you away and send you down stream."

Around southern Indiana, Horseshoe Southern Indiana is closed, Highway 111 will soon close when the encroaching water reaches the road, and the baseball fields in New Albany look more like a massive pond.

For those who live along the water, flooding comes with the territory. But emergency management crews are expecting at least four more inches of rain, and serious issues will come with that.

"We're going to have flash flooding in areas that probably aren't under water now," Barrow said. "Those areas, we pretty much know where they're at. We've had some flash flooding today, it's gone down. So be prepared for it. And expect it. And if it doesn't happen, great. But be ready for it."

The following roads are already closed or will shortly:

  • Emery Cross between Harrison Avenue and McCullough Pike
  • Gutford Road
  • Blackiston Mill Road near Silver Creek

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