LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- MSD crews are working nonstop to keep up with flooding along the Ohio River.

On Friday, MSD began installing flood wall closures at 10th and 27th Streets. Current projections predict the Ohio River will crest early next week at over 34 feet on the upper gauge, and nearly 66 feet on the lower gauge.

Flood wall closures take several hours to complete. As the river rises, more flood walls around the city will be sealed.

"As the river goes up, there's certain things that we do at certain elevations," MSD Flood Protection Supervisor J.P. Carsone said. 

Crews will keep a close eye on the rising water levels, ready for whatever is to come. 

"The river pays no attention to the projections, the river does what the river's going to do," Carsone said. 

All 16 of MSD's flood pump stations are running. Despite the severity of this round flooding, MSD officials expect less damage than the area's last major flood in 1997.

MSD says this is expected to be the 10th highest river crest in the city's history. To put this in perspective, the 1997 flood ranked seventh. 

In some areas of the city, it's already too late. Roadways and neighborhoods are flooded all along the Ohio River.

Many parts of Mellwood Avenue flooded quickly Friday morning, creating a hazardous commute for drivers. Taryn Mahoney was one of several drivers to stall out trying to pass over a flooded bridge. Another driver helped push her to safety. 

"It was definitely scary and not what I expected," Mahoney said. "It's never happened to me before and I've never really had to drive through floodwaters."

Officials urge drivers to avoid flooded areas and adhere to all posted signs and road closure barricades. As the flooding continues to get worse, more road closures are expected. 

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