NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WDRB) -- Liquor stores in Indiana have been bottled up on Sundays since the days of Prohibition, but that will soon change with the stroke of Gov. Eric Holcomb’s pen.

The bill allowing Sunday alcohol sales is now on Holcomb's desk, and he could sign it as early as next week.

In the meantime, liquor stores on both sides of the river are preparing to uncork the new normal.

It will create a new normal for liquor stores on both sides of the river, like Bridge Liquors in New Albany, which Sam Schaefer's family has owned since 1963. T, and the start of Sunday sales means Schaefer's business, and life are about to change.

“Well, I'm probably going to be working a lot more, I know that,” Schaefer said.

Schaefer admits he is not really looking forward to being open seven days a week.

“We definitely liked our days off,” he said.

But opening on Sunday will likely mean more business.

“I heard somewhere that it's like the second biggest retail day of the week," Schaefer said. "I'm not sure about that. We'll see how sales go.”

The question is whether the sales will offset the additional expense.

“There is more upkeep we have to do, hiring more employees,” Schaefer said.

Customer David Andres said he will like the convenience of Sunday sales, but it won't change his routine.

“It won't affect me at all," Andres said. "I'll plan ahead and get what I need when it ain't Sunday. And then I'll stay home."

Schaefer said it will take some time for customers to get used to stopping by on Sundays.

“People are still used to going over to Louisville to get their beer,” he said.

Indeed, the new Sunday competition will have an affect across the river.

Sandra Fant owns the Liquor Store on West Broadway in Louisville and said just a small percentage of her business is from Indiana. But some stores could take a big Sunday hit.

“The stores along the expressway, it's going to really have an impact on them because they do,” she said. 

The change could happen as early as March 4. In the meantime, it will be a rush to get ready.

“It's going to be a struggle,” Schaefer said. “But it's probably going to mean more hours for more employees.”

Alcohol sales will be limited on Sundays. The law says stores can sell liquor only from noon to 8 p.m.

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