LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Meyer Plumbing in Louisville has filed a lawsuit against Fifth Third Bank, and one its former employees, alleging she wrote 162 checks to herself and her husband.

The lawsuit alleges the fraudulent checks and bank statements written by Candi Fluhr, also known as Candi McCubbins, left Meyer Plumbing out of a lot of money.

"This scheme was sophisticated and elaborate." said Tony Coyler, the attorney representing Meyer Plumbing. "If you lose $800,000-plus, it puts you $800,000-plus in the hole.' 

The Bullitt County Sheriff's Office said Fluhr admitted to taking $700,000 from the business, but documents show she took $824,000.

"This employee was able to create fake bank statements," Coyler said. "This employee was able to intercept banking statements that should have been sent to our principals. The employee wrote checks directly payable to her and endorsed them without authorization."

Now Meyer Plumbing is suing Fifth Third Bank and Fluhr to try and recoup the money that was taken over a year and a half, starting in 2016.

Coyler said Fluhr used software to make fake bank statements. The lawsuit alleges the bank is responsible for processing unauthorized checks and failing to examine signatures properly.

"Instead of making payments to what she should have been paying, she was pocketing the money," Coyler said. "The only one who could have known this was happening would be Fifth Third Bank."

The lawsuit also says the bank didn't notify the business about suspicious activity and failed to follow its own procedures. Colyer says,

"We feel that this is a case where this company was a victim and that the banking institution was in the best position to realize fraud was being perpetuated on the account," Coyler said.

Fluhr's family said that she's innocent and didn't steal any money from the business. Fifth Third Bank is not commenting because of pending litigation.

Below is the copy of the lawsuit filed by Meyer Plumbing:

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