ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police and fire crews in Hardin County are monitoring water levels and are prepared to close flooded roads as needed.

Officer John Thomas with the Elizabethtown Police Department said there are five main roads they have their eyes on, which they know from past experiences are prone to flooding. Those roads include Peterson Drive, KY 210 or Hodgenville Road, Hawkins Drive, Gaither Station Road and the intersection of West Park Road and Ring Road.

“We have barricades standing by in anticipation that we’re going to have to shut down some roadways, especially as these thunderstorms roll in over the next 24 hours,” Thomas said.

Hardin County Schools released kids early Friday in anticipation of what’s coming.

“We’re just kind of monitoring it moment by moment,” Thomas said. “A brief period of heavy rain could rapidly change conditions.”

And Thomas warned, during changing conditions, drivers need to follow any road closures.

“Very simple: If you see a barricade up, we’ve put it there for a very good reason," he said. "Even if water appears to be shallow over the roadway, a swift moving current with very shallow water can sweep a vehicle or a person off the roadway.”

If you do get trapped in floodwater, in your house or your car, get to the highest point you can and call for help.

“If you’re in a vehicle, you have very limited options,” Thomas said. “Get out of your vehicle and get on top of your roof, and make a phone call if you can. Unless you have no other options, don’t try to get in the water and swim against the current. In a flash flooding situation, you will have next to no control over which direction you will go.”

Gov. Matt Bevin declared a State of Emergency across Kentucky on Friday evening, which allows state resources to be utilized in cities and counties that need it.

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