LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- High water levels are closing roads throughout Kentuckiana.

The flooding turned part of Mellwood Avenue into a graveyard of flooded cars. At least seven cars were abandoned Friday afternoon in the water, drivers who nearby residents said had ignored the signs warning of the high water. With the Ohio River rising, the cars could be completely filled before the river crests.

The flooding has forced people who live in the apartment complexes along Mellwood Avenue to use a back entrance to get to their homes.

Aaron Wright was one of the neighbors checking the water levels Friday night.

“We probably noticed water two days ago," Wright said. "At that time, the water was halfway up the street. They had already put up a barrier,."

He was surprised people ignored the signs and tried to drive through.

The high water levels made getting to the Louisville Water pumping station on River Road almost impossible. The Harrod's Creek Fire Department ferried two workers Friday night to keep watch over the pumping station cut off by flooding from the Ohio River. Workers said the water levels became so high they could not safely cross without a boat.

The employees will spend 24 hours on-site making sure the pumps are functioning properly. One of the two operators, returning from a day-long shift, said it is all part of the job to keep clean water flowing.

"Absolutely important," Cindy Crawford said. "I mean it's our water. It's where we start from, so we have to have this pump station going."

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