LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The author of a Yahoo! Sports report outlining payments for college basketball players believes there is much more on the way.

The article, published on Friday and authored by Pat Forde and Pete Thamel, outlined documents from former NBA agent Andy Miller and his sports agency. The documents, published along with the article, show expense reports that appear to list cash payments to high school recruits that would violate NCAA rules and regulations.

“It ran the gamut of what you would expect,” Forde told WDRB News on Tuesday. “Some cash payments, some meals, airfare and hotel.”

Forde calls the notes taken by Miller and agent Christian Dawkins he saw “meticulous.”

“I think it speaks to the fact that probably a lot of people involved from an agency standpoint in paying amateur basketball players never thought it was illegal,” Forde said.

The University of Louisville was first implicated in the FBI investigation in September when it was alleged that five-star recruit Brian Bowen was set to receive $100,000 to attend the school.

Bowen has since left Louisville and is enrolled at the University of South Carolina.

Several former and one current Kentucky basketball players were named in Miller's ledgers as well. Former Wildcat Bam Adebayo is named on one balance sheet for the agency. It says the agency paid him $12,000 while he was still in high school and then gave him a loan for $36,500.

The same balance sheet shows the agency gave former UK player Nerlens Noel a $4,350 loan.

Current UK freshman Kevin Knox is also listed as having a meal with Dawkins. Knox declined to comment on the matter on Saturday.

“For the most part, players that are already in college have kept on playing,” Forde said. “That's the school's prerogative. Clearly, they've done a little bit of homework. I'm not sure how much, because they couldn't do that much with games Saturday after our report came out Friday.”

The only players mentioned in the report that have been held out of games are Texas' Eric Davis Jr. and San Diego State’s Malik Pope.

Forde said Yahoo! Sports only saw portions of the documents as part of the FBI probe.

“That’s kind of the interesting aspect of this," Forde said. "This is one guy that worked at one agency, and we have records from a relatively narrow window with him. Probably every power program has at least something to look into to, to worry about, to wonder about.”

Defendants in the federal criminal case are scheduled to appear in court  Wednesday regarding a letter written by prosecutors on the day the Yahoo! Sports story was published.

"I think there's a chance this is the beginning of a real sea change in how college basketball and college sports in general approaches its business," Forde said. "What the rules are, who enforces the rules, what the penalties are."

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