WEST POINT, Ky. (WDRB) -- A small town in the northern corner of Hardin County is dealing with a big problem.

As the Ohio River starts to recede, West Point is beginning to assess the damage it left in its wake. Eddie Moore spent Tuesday on a tour of some of the areas still covered in water, which include his home and his new garage, which he called his retirement project.

"I just actually finished it," Moore said. "I've been working on it since August."

Some people even rented UHauls to move furniture and other valuables to higher ground.

"I went through three floods, and this is the worst flood that we've had," West Point Mayor William Ash said.

It looks bad, but Ash said the water is starting to recede.

"It's probably anywhere from seven inches to a foot, I think, receding from the highest level at 67.13," Ash said.

On Tuesday, Ash declared a state of emergency but welcomes any additional help until federal aide arrives.

Moore's home is surrounded by water, but he said only his basement is wet, and that's good news.

"It's just like a weight lifted off your chest ... when you know you don't have to mess with the actual parts you live in," he said.

School in West Point is closed through the end of week. Ash doesn't know when federal help will arrive.

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