TAYLORSVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) - Flood waters are receding, but what hides underneath the water is not always a pretty sight.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says the clean-up process is just beginning in District 5. 

"Some locations we don't know what the road is like underneath because of the water still covering them," said KYTC spokesperson Andrea Clifford.

Clifford said when the water clears, many roads will be covered with thick layers of mud and debris. In Bullitt County, a plow truck had to plow one road to clear the mud away. After three trips on the road, there was still a thin layer. However, mud and debris are nowhere near the worst KYTC sees.

"Many times there is damage to pavements, sometimes just minor potholes that need to be patched," Clifford said of the repair process. "Sometimes there is heavier damage, shoulders crumbled away, portions of the pavement washed away."

Roads across Kentucky are seeing major issues including one in Taylorsville. West River Road along Simpson Creek has two major damaged areas. In one area, the edge of the narrow road has crumbled. The worst damage on the road can be found near Netherton Lane on West River Road where an approach to a bridge was completely washed away. 

People from the area said the bridge was just finished weeks ago, but the water picked up a piece of the pavement and part of the guardrail and swept it to the side of the road. The bridge takes traffic over top of Simpson Creek, which feeds into the Salt River.

"Repairs will begin next week there and those repairs are expected to last two to three weeks on that route because it's not like a little bit of pavement is gone," Clifford said about the bridge approach. "The actual pavement is next to where it was before."

Other roads like Catwalk Road in Shelby County have seen major damage where the pavement is splitting a part.

KYTC is asking drivers to be patient as they begin repairs. Clifford urges people to be cautious as you approach road damage or roads that are still flooded.

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