LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- More than 4,000 pounds of meat and produce was dropped off to The Healing Place in Louisville on Wednesday thanks to Kentucky Harvest and LMPD’s Ninth Mobile Division.

“We wanted to see people that weren’t on the receiving end of what we do, they were on the receiving end in a beneficial factor,” said Maj. William Hibbs, who helped organize the event. “We don’t do narcotics. We work in the places where there is violent criminal activity, but we are encountering a lot of individuals who are plagued by this recent trend and what is going on in society.”

Officers said the increase in drug use, especially heroin and opioids, makes them want to help those battling additions.

“It was good for everyone in the unit to come down and see people that aren’t purchasing and getting caught with narcotics down here changing their lives,” said Hibbs, adding that drug use in the city has gone from “prevalent to an epidemic” the last three years.

Leaders of The Healing Place said they serve more than 1 million meals a year, so while 4,000 pounds of food might not seem like a lot, it will definitely help.

“Our jaws dropped, and we said ‘Absolutely,’" said Erin Fogarty, Grants Manager at The Healing Place. "Our clients were out waiting in the rain to help load and get the food off the truck. This is just awesome.”

Unlike many food pantries, Kentucky Harvest said they haven’t been as affected with “donation fatigue” as other donation sites after Hurricanes Harvey and Maria.

“We are the only organization in the region that will actually pick up perishable items," said Brent Smith with Kentucky Harvest. "Those items can’t be sent elsewhere, so yes, we have not seen a falloff in donations this year."

Several of the detectives helping unload the truck Wednesday have had encounters with some of the residents before and said they were glad to see them getting the help they need.

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