By Bill Lamb
WDRB President and General Manager

Senate Bill 35 proposed that seasonal workers at places like Kentucky Kingdom, be allowed to work additional hours if they wanted, but without being paid overtime. 

Initially Kentucky Kingdom supported SB 35 stemming from its desire to offer its seasonal employees the option of earning more money at a favorable, straight-time hourly wage. 

After all, all of their employees make more than minimum wage. Many make much more. The park had no idea its support of this bill would so enrage the unions. As soon as the park understood this, it withdrew its support of the bill.   

But even though the Unions got what they wanted, Teamsters Local 89 is still calling on all union members to boycott the park. It doesn't make sense for them to encourage their members to avoid Kentucky Kingdom in favor of theme parks outside of Kentucky, which pay lower hourly wages and no overtime, when Kentucky Kingdom pays higher wages to local people.  

To appease the unions, Kentucky Kingdom's seasonal employees will be denied the opportunity to work additional hours at favorable pay rates.  And union members will be denied a fun and exciting day at the theme park with family and friends even though Kentucky Kingdom withdrew its support of the bill as the unions requested. 

On this issue, I would encourage the leadership of Teamsters Local 89 to rethink their position.