LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The 15-year-old boy who allegedly opened fire inside Marshall County High School last month, killing two classmates and injuring 14 other people, confessed to a Kentucky State Police detective, court documents show.

Gabe Parker also led detectives to the gun used in the shootings, the newly released documents say. Detectives recovered the gun, shell casings and other items at the scene that will be used for DNA comparison.

The aforementioned details, as well as all other information relating to the case, had been sealed under a gag order by Marshall Circuit Judge James T. Jameson. Three news outlets alleged earlier this month that Jameson "acted outside of his jurisdiction" and made legals errors in his handling of Parker's case.

Less than a week later, Jameson filed a response to the claims by three western Kentucky news outlets, calling their claims "inaccurate" and "misleading." 

But on Thursday, the Kentucky Court of Appeals ordered Jameson to open the case and release video of Parker's arraignment. The judge's ruling to close the arraignment to the public "was error," the Court of Appeals ruled, as was Jameson's refusal to allow the public access to the case file.

And though it was quickly lifted, Jameson's gag order was also deemed to be inappropriate. The Court of Appeals ordered Jameson to "refrain from closing any future proceeding in his case" or improperly sealing any records. 

Jameson said the prosecutor in the case "appears worn out" and would rather give out records than "deal with the strain the media has caused."

In an order filed Wednesday, Kentucky Chief Justice John Minton rejected a request by the Marshall County Commonwealth's Attorney's office to remove Jameson on allegations he improperly interceded in the case before he was assigned the case.

"If the media were allowed to case a disqualification or a judge under the circumstances, an injustice would result," Jameson said, according to the court documents.

No further details pertaining to Parker's confession were made pubic in Thursday's court documents.

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