LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Crews began the process of clearing away the so-called "Trash Island" on Friday.

Located at the Beargrass Flood Pump Station, "Trash Island" is the name given to trash and debris -- including small things, like water bottles, and larger items, like coolers and car tires -- that has accumulated there during the recent flooding.

On Friday morning, a boat began pushing all the trash upstream to the Brownsboro Road overpass. A boom will lift the trash and put it in dumpsters.

MSD says it pulls trash from that area every day, but the flooding washed a lot more trash into the area than usual. That trash included a door, a microwave, coolers and tons of plastic material.

"It's just amazing what people will throw out on the side of the road, or the side of the creek, and then it just washed down," explained Sheryl Lauder, a spokeswoman for MSD.

It will cost MSD $15,000 just to clean up Trash Island.

The process takes a couple hours and should be finished Friday afternoon.


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