LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky breweries now have a reason to look at the glass half full, thanks to the passage of a new bill that allows breweries to sell more than one case of beer to customers to take home.

The bill will help places like Against the Grain Brewery in downtown Louisville, which co-owner Adam Watson said has struggled a bit with take-home beer sales.

And Watson said that's not because of a lack of interest, but it's Kentucky law.

“We've had to tell people sorry, you can't buy this case of beer," he said.

However, Kentucky lawmakers just passed a new bill that allows breweries to sell more take home beer.

“The passage of this bill means we will be able to meet our customer's reasonable demands and send people away from our breweries with positive experiences,” Watson said.

Under current law, a customer can only purchase one 24 case of 12 oz. cans or a case that is no more than 288 ounces at a brewery. Under the new law, customers could purchase up to three cases or two kegs.

“Now, we can actually fill their orders here on site and give people what they're asking for,” Watson said.

Watson is also President of the Kentucky Guild of Brewers. He said when Against the Grain opened several years ago, it was the sixth brewery in the state. Now, he said there are more than 50 that employ more than 600 people. He said this bill will positively impact all the breweries across the state, but there are still strides to be made.

“We get a lot of tourists coming in, and being able to have them see our facility and enjoy our taproom and go home with a reasonable amount of beer that they have asked to buy seems like wins all around,” Watson said.

Now that House Bill 136 passed both the House and Senate, it just needs to be signed by Gov. Matt Bevin.

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