LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- While winter storms slam the northeast, residents in Louisville's Shelby Park neighborhood took advantage of the great weather to roll up their sleeves and clean up vacant homes.

Around 40 volunteers gathered on East Ormsby on Saturday to do yard work at the homes, pick up track, and clean up the sidewalks. 

The event was organized by the New Directions Housing Corporation and the Shelby Park Neighborhood Association. Volunteers got a first-hand look at what neglected homes can look like with some hard work and TLC.

"Some of these houses have been empty for more than 30 years," Director of Ownership Preservation, Max Monahan, said. "So when we peeled the boards off and got inside of them ... obviously a lot of them are not safe to go in, but you see a lot of historic charm and character that still remains in these homes."

Organizers said cleanup days like Saturday's are important to bring new life, and new residents, to a neighborhood.

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