Everyone who pitched in by helping with water rescues, donations, cleanup and other offers of help following last week’s serious flooding deserve everyone’s thanks. Neighbors helping neighbors like that is one of the things that makes this a wonderful community we all should be proud of.

But let me double back for a moment to one of those jobs I mentioned before – cleanup.

Even in the best of circumstances, cleaning up is going to be a massive task after the kind of deluge we experienced. But last week’s floods also left behind an ugly reminder that far too many of us still seem to think that the world is our personal garbage can.

After the waters had receded, thousands of plastic milk jugs, aluminum cans, tires and countless other forms of human debris stretched for literally miles along the banks of the river and what had been swollen streams and creeks. And it created a stark display of exactly what the thoughtlessness of thousands of people looks like when it’s flushed out for all to see.

Public areas aren’t owned by no one. They’re owned by everyone. And I hope the ugly scene we were all treated to last week prods at least some people to start taking their share of the responsibility for keeping them beautiful from now on.

Can we do this? Or is it hopeless? Call and tell us.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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