JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- A new rule will soon make it harder to build a gas station in Jeffersonville.

The Jeffersonville City Council approved a zoning ordinance Monday night requiring new gas stations to be built at least a mile from existing gas stations. Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore said the rule would grandfather in existing stations.

Vacant gas stations could still be reopened under the plan, even if they are less than a mile apart.

Many of the newest station are on the city's east side along Highway 62. Moore said with all the gas stations already built or being built, he feels the restrictions are needed.

"They are much appreciated, especially the property taxes they pay," he said. "But these are not the type of jobs I'm looking to see Jeffersonville grow with."

Just one council person voted against the plan, concerned it puts too much of a restriction on the free market.

Moore said he will sign the ordinance as soon as it hits his desk.

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