WEST POINT, Ky. (WDRB) -- The water is gone in West Point, but it left behind quite a mess and a lot of stress.

Throughout the small town, residents are cleaning up and cleaning out. Last week, several days of rain caused widespread flooding in West Point.

“This whole road was under water,” said Eddie Moore, whose house was surrounded by water last week.  "We actually have dumpsters, and they're filling up pretty quick."

Moore just dealt with damage in his basement, but just a few streets away, others lost everything.

"Everybody that has water in their homes or in their basements is dealing with cleaning up a mess," said Hardin County Emergency Manager Bryan Shumate, adding that federal assistance will come ... eventually. 

"This is never a quick process," he said. "Emergency management sends that information ... state emergency management gives it to the governor, and then it is sent to Washington for federal authorities to look at."

City officials hope to hear something from FEMA soon. The Red Cross will be in West Point serving meals through Thursday. If you would like to volunteer, call West Point City Hall at 502-922-4260.

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